What a trip!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a trip!

Contrary to popular belief, I was not in Georgia lacing beer bottles with the bird flu. I was in Colorado on a ski/beer trip visiting my long time friend Poopie.

We started the trip out with a stop at New Belgium Brewing Company (I wrote about this on A Good Beer Blog) and had ourselves a great time. I picked up a teeshirt and a ton of respect for this brewery. They're doing all the right things over there and happen to be making beer in the process.

Friday night we headed over the mountains to Pug Ryan's Brewery where I had Thai Mahi-mahi and tried a few of their brews. I enjoyed the Doppelbock, the Scottish Ale and the Pale Ale while I was there. All great brews.

Saturday we headed up to Vail where we hit the mountain hard and took full advantage of the 12in of fresh snow. It was awesome. Below is a picture from on top of the 7th bowl at Vail. The glades there were CRAZY!!!

After a full day of cutting up the slopes, we stopped by Backcoutry Brewery to pickup a case of bombers help us relax. We grabbed their IPA, the pils, the porter, the amber and the wheat beer they had. My favorite was the IPA. Really hoppy all the way through, nose, taste and punch.

Sunday we got up early and headed up to Copper Mountain. Though we didn't have the fresh snow like we did on Saturday, we took a CAT ride and hiked up Tucker Mountain for some CRAZY fresh back country riding. It was AWESOME!!! I made a short video from on top of Tucker before we were about to drop down. (Beware of a little cursing)

We ended the trip into the mountains with a stop at Tommyknocker Brewery where we enjoyed a 5oz tasting of all the brews they had on tap. We also got a sampling of the anniversary brew they have which is an imperial version of their Maple Brown Ale. Good stuff.

I had a great trip. I got to ride more verticle feet in two days than in the past two years and I got to try a lot of amazing beer. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Poop for having me over, it's always a lot of fun.



LandmarkBeer said...

had a chance to go to Colorado a few years ago. What a great state. Awesome beer every where. my hotel had 7 taps, 6 of which were great divide and the other coors light.

Travis said...

yea oddly enough we didn't get out to the Great Divide Brewery. It is located in Denver. For the sake of full disclosure, I also toured Coors last time I was in CO. I have to say, it was pretty cool. Obviously lacked the character of New Belgium, but was entertaining nonetheless.

John said...

Mike was out in CO last summer and had a few Tommyknockers. He posted some pictures as well and your post confirms that it's looks like beautiful country out there. Maybe I should plan a trip myself?