August 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cherry Wheat

Now I have never been a fan of the Cherry Wheat's that I have tried (Sam Adams), I think because they use the Cherry Flavoring as opposed to the real Cherry's. Well everyone I have talked too loves the Cherry Wheat so I bucked and decided to make this.

Malt Extract: 3.3lbs Light malt extract (I used Muttons)
3.3lbs Wheat Malt extract (again, Muttons, wish they would sponsor me)
Specialty Grain: .5lbs Crystal Malt

Bitter Hops: 1.5oz Hallertauer (45min)
Flavor Hops: .5oz Hallertauer (10min)

Yeast: Wyeast Weizenbeer Yeast

Special: 8 lbs of frozen sweet cherry's (they are put in during the fermentation, watch for clogging of the bubbler, I used a spill-over tube which consists of a tube connected to the plug where the bubbler goes and it runs into a bucket of sanitized water, worked really well, the fermentation was really intense on this batch)

OG: 1.040
FG: 1.005