Late Valentines Day Entry

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Late Valentines Day Entry

Well this weekend was not a brewing weekend for me because of some medical stuff that I had to deal with. It's all good though, I should be back up and brewing next weekend.

For Valentines Day, my wife got me a six pack of beer and a gift certificate to my local homebrew shop. There is not much else I could ask for (yet another tribute to the brew wife).

The brew that she got me was from her trip to Philadelphia while I was in Colorado. It was a brewery called Yards Brewing Company. There is a restaurant there that has a long history and all the waiting staff dress in traditional garb. While the restaurant was built on the location of a famous political hangout for our founding fathers, the recipes they brew claim to be authentic to the era.

The six pack that my wife got me was a porter. It was a pretty sweet porter that poured a dark mahogany to almost red color. The head was cream color and hung out for a long time. The brew had the taste that really reminded me more of a sweet brown ale and finished with the porter bite that you expect. It was a pretty drinkable beer because of it's sweetness, not like a lot of the bigger beers that the porter is often associated with.

Over all I would say this is a pretty good beer. I can't wait for the website to launch so I can learn a little more about the recipes, but I have to say I am a fan of mixing politics and beer.



Christa said...

The restaurant where I got the beer was City Tavern in Philly. The original hangout was frequented by John Adams, Paul Revere and others. More on its history at,
I am told the beer recipes can be found in the Tavern's cookbooks.

Christa said...

BTW, I also stopped by this place in Philly,, and had a "George's Fault" belgian style ale. And my friend's apt. was right around the corner from Brew stuff everywhere!

Adam said...

All good places! Georges Fault is named after George from Home Sweet homebrew. It was going to be his fault if it didn't turn out right :-) I've tasted a few versions of this.

Happy to see you were able to hit some of our fine establishments here in Philly.

Travis said...

Yea Philly sounds pretty bad ass. I am going to need to make a trip down there myself. Christa actually sent me a picture from the "Home Sweet Homebrew" shop.

Thank you to my brew wife for both reading my blog and for getting me good beer!