I found the was me!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I found the was me!

As always, the explanation is usually something simple. This situation is nonetheless the same.

In the post about my brew day I noted that my OG was much higher than planned and I was not sure why. I had assumed that my tweaking of my brewing techniques had increased my efficiency 10 fold! But alas that was not the case.

It turns out my wort was on "Gravity Enhancing Substances" namely an extra 1/2 lb of Belgium candi sugar I mistakenly dumped into the brew pot.

After reading Ted's Home Brew Journal where he had had a similar freak occurrence and telling him my theory of the earths magnetic polar shifts and how it is now effecting my gravity readings (because there is no way I could f%&* up my recipe on brew day!), I revisited my recipe. In doing some math on a fancy pants brew calculator (that I am a HUGE fan of BTW) I noticed that my recipe called for 1/2 lb of candi sugar as opposed to the full pound that I added, eureka! Just the breakthrough I had been waiting for! We can all breath easy and go back to calling Al Gore the lying bastard that he is ;-)

Anyway, all kidding aside, simple answer. I think that coupled with my 1/2 assed gravity readings gave me my variation. I am not crying in my beer though, god knows there are worse things than beer that's a little stronger than you intended.

I need to get back to brewing with some patience. My brewing, like my golf game, needs to take as long as it needs to. Regardless of interruption. It's time for me to get back to allocating the time needed to make this happen.



Perfect Domain said...


I just saw you posted a question in google group, saying there was a 404 error due to your dns modification.
I have the same problem. How you fix it?

Travis said...

I am not sure what to make of this comment because I am not sure what you are up to with your site, but here goes:

I was getting the 404 Error because there was an issue with the DNS settings. But the issue was caused because the Google directions do not tell you to get rid of the current A record. You have to drop whatever A Record was associated with your URL, and point the www to

Now this works for my purposes just fine, but it's still a lackluster solution because goes nowhere, goes to my site. Because I have no IP address from Google to point my A record at, goes nowhere.

Google has to get their crap together and come up with some way to explain this, it's not rocket science.