Beautiful Day to Brew!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Beautiful Day to Brew!

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the mid-west who have been effected by the tornado's. I lost my house to fire and I know how it feels to have to pick up the pieces, things will get better with time.

With that said, we were fortunate this weekend in the North East to have an albeit breezy, but sunny day in Upstate New York. Sunday I took advantage of the weather and brewed the crowd favorite Mulligan Wit.

Here some some items of note from the brew day:

  • I made a starter that I cooked a little hot and it boiled over in the stove.
    It's also had some of the DME scorched the bottom of the flask (first time using
    my flask, kind of a pain in the arss).
  • Started brewing at 8:30am, finish time 2:30pm, 6hr brew session.
  • I heated the mash water up to 175F and it leveled out at about 154F when it was in the mash tun. One item of note was that I got two different readings from the
    thermometer, I usually stick it into a tiny hole I have in the top of the mash
    tun, and it was saying 160F, when I put the thermometer into the mash, it was
    154F. I am assuming that this is because the steam is so hot in the mash tun.
    Take note for future batches.
  • The gravity of the mash was 1.060 without any adjustments to compensate for heat. I need to make sure that I start cooling these off more from now on.
  • I sparged at 175F and had two rests in the sparge. By the time I was done with the sparge I had used 5.5 gallons of sparge water and 4.5 gallons of mash water.
  • The beginning boil OG of the wort was 1.040, this was again without adjustment to temp.
  • I used a fine grain bag as a way to keep hop loss to a minimum. I also used this for all of the other items on the list for this recipe.
  • The boil went for about 1hr and 20 min., the end yield was 4.8 gallons.
  • The OG was 1.059, a whole .010 over my target at 1.049 so I added water
    and stirred it a while. I got it down to 1.052 and called it good.
  • I pitched at 74F and it was bubbling within 24hrs very actively!

It was a successful brew day. I doubt I will enter this one into any competitions as it's more of a brew that I enjoy than anything. I just hope that I am going to be able to get it close to what I had last year.



Ted Danyluk said...

I was wondering if you use any brewing calculators. I am used to using TastyBrew and find that its pretty darn accurate. For my latest Belgian Ale, I plugged the actual information into their "recipe" and "gravity/efficiency" calculators and it spit out some good info, and what I think makes sense.

Perhaps your efficiency is going up with more experience?

If you don't mind, I also have one your ending yield of 4.8 gallons correct? With 13.6 lbs grains, and all the water going in, and only 1.3hr boil, it would seem like you'd have about 7 gallons. Just curious. Maybe I'm missing something?

Travis said...

Good call. I am looking at that now and I am not sure where I came up with 4.8 gallons because I don't remember being that short of my goal. I think it should have been 5.8(?) because the recipe should have yielded 7 gallons total. I was short of that an watered things down because my OG was so high.

I think I must have been thinking 5.8 and put 4.8? I added water, but in the end I wound up with a total yield of 6 gallons.

Does that make sense?

Regarding the brewing calculator, I think I just answered that question with my mishmash math up there :-)