The Schlitz

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Schlitz

I saw this recipe in and since I had never tried a lager, I decided this was a good place to start. This is my version of the recipe The Schizlitz from BYO:

90 min at 150F (65C)
4.0 lbs (1,800g) 2 row pale malt
2lbs 10oz (1,200 g) 6 row pale malt
2lbs (907g) flaked maze

.55oz (15g) Czech Saaz 3.8% alpha (60min)
1.1oz (31g) Fuggles (60min)

Wyeast 2035 (American Lager)

OG- 1.030
FG- 1.005

I used about 7 gallons of water, 2 gallons for the wart and another 5 for the sparge. After the boil down, I had the right amount. This was my first time using a starter and I think it helped out, though I am not sure about the smell I am getting from the fermenter. There is a sulfur smell coming out that I get a little bit of, so if there is anyone out there that know anything about that, please feel free to add some input. I am a little afraid that I may have my first infected batch (knock on wood), but I am going to wait and see if it's not something with the lager yeast that I may not know about.

Otherwise the whole process went well.


Chris said...

With my most recent batch using Nottingham dry yeast, I had a bad odor, as in outhouse bad, in a test bottle I prepared when I racked to the secondary. Thought I was infected, but when I asked about it on Beer Advocate, heard that it was probably sulphur and it would go away in the secondary. Completely gone! Not even a hint of foul aroma at all. Just give it plenty of time to dissipate in the carboy. Once it's bottled, the smell is trapped, eh?


Travis said...

Good info and thanks for stopping. I got some feedback from BA and it sounds like that is a normal smell from a lager yeast. I have been lagering this Schlitz for about 6 weeks now.

I think it's ready so next chance I get I am going to keg it. I will be sure to post on how it turns out.