Quick Tech Note

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quick Tech Note

For anyone that is using blogger and has seen that you can create a personalized URL for your .blogspot site, I have to put out a little warning. Now I have been using GoDaddy for my domain registration for a while now and have not been pleased. However, the war that I have had to go through with this new blogger business is out of control!

Here is the point of this; if you are interested in using the custom domain feature in Blogger, do not use GoDaddy! It is the worst.

Thanks, I promise that's the last of the tech biz I will put out on my blog, back to the beer!


grove said...

DNS (the domain name system) is inherently complex and difficult if you're not initiated. I've had to go through much the same pains as yourself lately, both personally and at work, but I have been lucky. It *does* take a while before DNS records are updated. *sigh*

Travis said...

Wish it had been that simple. To put it in the clearest way possible, the Blogger instructions on how to deal with GoDaddy were just plain wrong. I eventuallyu had to call the folks at GoDaddy and the support I received was very good.

Google needs to get it's help menus under control.