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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Next Brew

As an FYI for anyone interested; I am going to be brewing this weekend. I have an American Pilsner recipe I found in BYO called the Shizlitz and I made a couple of changes to it for a slight variation on the 70's style American Pilsner.

I am going to get some photos and do a detailed entry about how I brew to follow up the recipe.




grove said...

Hi Travis,

James Spencer did an interview with Chris Colby (the editor of BYO) on Basic Brewing Radio about this particular article (December 21, 2006). You might find it useful.

American Pilsner is clearly one of the more difficult beer styles to get right. Good luck!

Travis said...

Thanks for the info. Any thoughts on the weird funk I have coming from my fermentor? It's a strange sulfur smell that has a "fart" aroma.

Not too appealing, but I am hoping it's like hair bands; just a phase.

Thanks for the info on water.