Summer Fun!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Summer Fun!

The Belgium White is flowing!

This is by far my favorite kind of beer, so without a doubt I'm a bias observer. However, the brew recipe I used for this worked out great, it comes highly recommended.

It has a great smell, light fruity hints throughout the brew, and it's even uncharacteristically clear for a Belgium White. I had two of my golf buddies over the other night after a very ugly night at the links. It was named the "Mulligan Witte" because it was a Mulligan for our whole night.

If you are looking for something summer, smooth, easy to drink, this is a great option.

For anyone in the brewing side of things, it was OG 1.045, and FG at 1.011, Making it a hair under 5% abv. The grains of paradise really stand out in the aroma, but the orange peel is pungent in the flavor. It was in the primary fermentation for about 1 week, and in the secondary for over 2 weeks. I racked it too early and it fermented in the secondary for just about the whole two weeks.

Good luck.

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