Great Show on The Works

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great Show on The Works

So tonight I just finished watching "The Works" on The History Channel and I have to say...I'm impressed. They toured Smuttynose. and an AB Brewery, an AWESOME homebrewer setup, a can collection for the ages, and a marketing firm that works for AB.

I was really impressed with how throughly they covered the process and even got into cask ales (Stonch would be proud), how the basic keg works, and all sorts of fun.

If you missed this and can catch it on a rerun, I HIGHLY recommend it. It was pretty good.



Freak said...

Yah! That home brewer had the most awesome setup I have ever seen. I thought I was the shit until I saw that guys stuff. That guys system blows my doors off. I just wish they would have showed more of his stuff. It looked really cool. The only thing I want to know is, what the hell was up with the chocolate, coconut crap? That beer had to taste like garbage.

Travis said...

To each his own with the flavor stuff. I have stopped brewing crap other people want because when push comes to shove, I drink a lot of the beer myself. If I don't like it, that's a miserable 5 gallons.

The Bearded Brewer said...

I thought the show was really good. Thanks for the heads up about it. I found it and tivo'd it. Very interesting.

Travis said...


I have to agree. Not all those shows are as good. I thought they did a good job of covering the obvious and also talking about some stuff even geeks (like me)would enjoy.