Fermentation Friday - Dive right in!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fermentation Friday - Dive right in!

The Brew Dudes are holding court on the now regular Fermentation Friday that started at Beer Bits 2. Good stuff. This weeks topic is:

"What advice would you give people that are getting into beer?"

Well for me, it's just dive right in. The biggest mistake I made in brewing was not getting started soon enough. I have learned so much more from doing than I ever had from reading when it comes to beer.

While I think there are some basics it won't hurt to read about, if you have access to a brew club or you know someone that brews, there is so much more to learn from watching and doing that will be helpful. I made the plunge into all grain only after a guy from my brew club invited me over one Saturday to watch. I had been reading about this FOREVER and suddenly I saw it in action. It was a lot easier than it sounded.

I love reading about beer and brewing, but from my experience, there is a lot of extra information that is not needed in brewing. This is really a pretty simple process; hot water, crushed grain, time, hops and yeast. That's it. It's not fusing atoms. Just breaking down complex sugars into simple sugars and letting yeast eat'em.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Hope it helps. Cheers!


Adam said...

Now that's some really good advice :-) Especially if somebody is prone to worrying like me.

Travis said...

Yea, just take the plunge, it's only beer you're making anyway!

Bill said...

I would say to a newbie, "You wouldn't even like this beer. It's far too refined and fancy for your provincial tastes." Then I would laugh at them and encourage others to laugh. Then the person would be so filled with shame that they would immediately go out to Galeville or Brilbecks and start knocking back 22s of Dogfish Head Fort and Sam Adams Triple Bock. I haven't tried this yet but I plan to and with high expectations!

Travis said...

Well I am all about encouraging people to go to Galeville. But for someone in your situation, I would just say "Go see Ed at EJ's and he'll hook you up right".

Take that as me laughing at you and telling you your beer will suck.

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