MNB - Name your kid after brew? Sure!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MNB - Name your kid after brew? Sure!

In yet another exclusive piece of undercover reporting from, I have blown the cover on Monday Night Brewery's publicity stunt. No more will they be able to destroy the lives of children by the ridicule for having a wacky name. with it's list of Georgia names allowed me to search and discover yet another shocking revelation about Monday Night Brewery. They have named a girl Monday in an attempt to build free publicity and drive their southern countrymen to drink their beer.

As crazy as this sounds, please think about the evidence and ask yourself, could this be a coincidence? I think not.

To make matters worse, in an attempt to head off the controversial attention this move would create for MNB other breweries have jumped on board as well:

Miller - 98 boys and 24 girls
Bud - 7 boys
Natural - 1boy and 2 girls
Genesy - 1 girl (poor masking of Genesee brand beer)

Brewing is a hobby of humility, patience and pleasure. The guys of MNB have taken that to a whole new low with their shameless marketing and exploitation of children. When will it stop guys? When will it ever be enough?

Some other highlights from the Georgia name bot are:

TIN - Boy 8
TACO - Boy 1
ESPN - Boy 1
SEXLY - Girl 1

There are countless other wonderful uses of that database. Please feel free to post your favorites.



Jonathan said...

Wow. Pretty hard up for dirt, aren't we? That being said, "King Marvelous" strikes me as... an AWESOME NAME.

Kevin LaVoy said...

Crap. King Marvelous is what my wife calls me behind closed doors.

Travis said...

it should be kept behind closed doors.