CNYBrew Undercover - MNB Exposed!

Friday, January 11, 2008

CNYBrew Undercover - MNB Exposed!

Bloggers by weekday - Southern pride by weekend!

After some investigation, I discovered the dark secret behind Monday Night Brewery and why they brew on Mondays when the rest of the free world brews on the weekend.

It all started while I was researching the phenomenon known as "Civil War Reenactment" that is a regular fixture in the south. While much of the north does participate in local civil war reenactment, the enigma of the south, reenacting a war that they lost has always been fascinating to me and I have been on a mission to understand why.

During my research I came across the picture above. At first I thought nothing of it, but upon closer inspection, I discovered that the guys of MNB and all of their MNB buddies (I can only assume) took the day off from brewing and "cornholing" to reenact the civil war!

Suddenly it all because very clear; this was why they could not brew on the weekend, they were busy replaying a war that was lost by the south! It all came full circle, the nonsense about Syracuse and upstate New York, they were trying to win the war!
Well my tooth deprived brew buddies from the south, let the brew war begin!


Jonathan said...

Interesting theory, but it seems that your only proof is an obviously falsified picture. Also, no one likes you.

Travis said...

Listen, I am only letting people know the truth about you and you "week day" brewing. There has to be a logical reason. This seems as good as any.

Oh yea, and that "we watch football" one doesn't work anymore. Atlanta's season was done in week 1 and now the Titans are out.

What are you guys trying to hide?

"E" said...

Very funny, I was laughing my ass off reading this.

Andy said...

Cornholing was the perfect setup, and the photoshop was clever, but I think you two need to send me some beers and I'll decide who can claim bragging rights.

Freak said...

If we sent you some of our IPA I am afraid that you would be found, dead in a pasture, wearing a cheerleader outfit, balls deep in a goat, with a football up your ass. It is some bad ass stuff. Make a mutha fucka crazy n shit! Are you sure you want some?


P.S. You would be praying that all you had to go through was a good old fashion cornholing Andy!

Andy said...

Please. You think a northeasterner can shock me with an IPA? Being from the northwest, my urine has a higher ambient IBU than most beers.