Keg Issues **Update**

Monday, April 16, 2007

Keg Issues **Update**

So last night, while getting prepped to watch the Sopranos, I kicked my keg. The Schlitz is finally all gone and I am almost ready to keg my Californication so I am feeling good about the whole situation. That is until I start to go through my cleaning process.

I hosed out the keg and started to reconnect everything so that I could run some clean water through the system. However, when I went to try and hook up my outward bound hose to the out nozzle on the keg, it wouldn't budge. Now this is nothing new, it's always been a fight to get either of the connections on or both, but never like this.

After a while of working at it I figured that something was really long so I cut the line for the connector and took the outward nipple off the keg. After a long time fighting, WD40ing and every other thing I could think of, I decided to take the other nipple off the keg as well. I noticed that my outward bound connector fit like a glove on the current inward nipple and so I tried the visa verse. Sure enough the line from the CO2 tank fit perfectly over the outward nipple.

I have posted a picture above of the two nipples. There appears to be a difference with their shape. I am not sure if this is what is causing my problems or if there is any real difference between the two, but from what I can tell other than the shape differences they are the same.

Last night was the first time I was able to get the outward bound nipple off. It has been stuck on since I got it and it wasn't until last night that I was motivated enough to force it off. So this is the way I got this keg. With that said, it was off the front porch of a rival fraternity that I got this keg while in college, so there is not guarantee on the expertise from which this was setup.

Any thoughts on how this should be setup?


Okay, so after a lot of head scratching and completely taking both my keg and all of the parts that connect into and out of it apart everything is working smoothly. The issue? What we call in software as "user error."

I must have been trying to force the liquid ball lock onto the gas nipple. That's the only logical explanation because the nipples cannot be switched. The threads for one are bigger than the other and therefore it was not possible that it was wrong on them. Also when I removed the ball locks from both the gas and the keggerator, I put them back the exact way they were before.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that I got to clean everything top to bottom.


grove said...

I have such a keg myself. I bought it used off Brewers Discount and it came with two gas-in posts. I didn't notice until a long time after I bought the keg.

It should also, at least with most types of post, be possible to tell them apart by looking right at the bottom and to the side of the posts. One of them has a cut and the other not. I think you can see it on the one to the left in the photo.

The solution is to buy a new post. :)

Travis said...

I see what you are saying. Does the cut out of the post mean that it's gas or does it mean that it's liquid? If the case is that they are just reversed, it should be an easy fix.

Where did you buy a new post?

grove said...

The one with the cut is the gas-in post.

grove said...

I bought mine from Morebeer:

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