Sunday, April 15, 2007 2.0

I figured since my last post was number 50, I should do something to shake it up so here it is...

Seriously though, I made some changes to the design to and make this a more scalable and navigable website. I loved my old design and I spent a lot of time getting it the way that I wanted it. Blogger Beta came along and I resisted the change for as long as I could because my old design wouldn't work in the new Beta format, but alas, I caved.

The reason for the change was I had tried to reference my site for one thing or another in an email or on a forum post and the person I was trying to help out could not find what they were looking for. I rarely look at my site and try to navigate around it and in doing so, I realized that I had sacrificed the purpose of this site for vanity. So I changed.

I started this site to be an "online beer log" where I would post up my recipes and experience both for my personal reference and for comment from other folks that are interested in homebrewing as well. The inability to navigate to previous posts few in the face of this plan and kept this site from being useful.

I hope you like the new site, listed below were some of the sources where I got code to customize the site the way I wanted it.

  • Custom Header

  • Background Image- This one I figured out myself, just look for the Body tag and look to see if there is a URL or a #6 digit number. If it's a number, just use the cole background: url(""); and it worked.

  • Fixed background image

  • No Google Nav Bar

I hope everyone likes the new design and doesn't think I fixed something that wasn't broken (hence the ice beer reference).


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