Quick Tech Note

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quick Tech Note

This one is for the other bloggers and tech folks out there. I have set up an email for the new domain that I have, this email is so anyone who is so inclined is welcome to email me.

I used the new Windows Live Custom Domain that is part of the Windows Live set of features. I think it's in beta, but it's looking like a very useful service. Tech Crunch did a good write up of the service and I have to agree.

The way that it works is you set up a MX record with your domain host and delete any of the other MX records on the account. You then create a TXT record and the changes only take a few minutes to take effect. From there you hit refresh on the Windows Live dashboard in the setup pane and you are off.

It sets you up with a free 1 gig hotmail account that is and you are done.

There are some drawbacks to the system as it currently works. For example, you have to log out of the account you manage the domains with and log into the email account you just created. So for someone like myself who have a couple of websites I am managing, I have to log out and log in every time I want to check a new email. Also there is no way to create a "catch all" for your domain which is a problem.

Big advantage though, it's free! That means more money for beer supplies!

Sorry for geeking it up. Cheers!

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