Good day to brew

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good day to brew

These are just some notes from my brew day today. One quick thing, I appreciate the comments from Bad Ben with recommendations on the ESP recipe, however I did not follow them. Not because I am an ingrate know it all, but because I brewed before I checked my blog (NEVER AGAIN!!!). I think it will turn out okay in the end though.

  • I used 1.5 qts per pound in the initial mash, making the mash a little over 5 gallons of water. I brought this up to close to 170f and when it was added to the grains, it kept at the 154f I was shooting for.

  • I had my sparge water all ready to go and in the process of lifting it onto my rack, it plug came out and since I was not in the mood to dip my hand it 180f water, I let it drain out. I ended up having to get another 4 gallons or so up to temp for the sparge and I did a batch sparge instead of a fly.

  • I tested the gravity after the first mash and half way through the batch sparge. The mash reading was 1.065 and the last reading was 1.056ish. It ended up boiling down to the 1.060 I was shooting for.
This is a picture of my new brew kettle in action! The rings are a great guide on the amount of liquid you have in the kettle and proved to be pretty accurate. After the boiling and cooling, there wort was up to the middle of the lower ring and I ended up with a little over 5gallons.

This is a picture of the ball valve, no leaks! This is proof that you can do it your self without the weld less conversions. However, after looking at the cost comparison, its a toss up.

Finally, I would normally hook my wort chiller to t normal hose fixture in the basemen (I unhook the washer). However, since my wife was doing laundry, I came up with this solution. Duck tape, the solution to all of life's problems. Reminds me of a quote;

"If it slips, duct tape it, if it's stuck, WD40 it"



Ben, aka BadBen said...

I'm glad you had a good brew day.

Don't worry about your recipe, it will be fine. Some of my most interesting and tasty beers were brewed "by the seat of my pants," and many of those were because I forgot to purchase an ingredient (or three), and had to compensate; or I was just effing-around and wanted to see what it would taste like.

I've also learned (from experience) not to drink anything during the brewing process until after hot-break. Then I'll switch from drinking coffee to my homebrew. Otherwise, I end up with a lot of "interesting" brews.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Your new S.S. equipment looks great.

By the way, if you ever have any leftover ingredients, have fun and try to come up with a recipe that will accommodate them. I did that with my "Belgian Amber" that I'll be racking into kegs, soon.

Travis said...

Thanks Ben, I just wanted to make sure you knew I appreciate the feedback. Like I said, that was a big reason for starting to blog about my brews was to get some insight on how I was brewing and what other recommendations were.

Just a quick follow up, I just did a gravity reading, 1.012! That Wyeast 1028 made fast work.

Stay tuned for a follow up on my brew kettle because my thermometer just came in the mail! More to come.