My New Brew Lit

Monday, February 05, 2007

My New Brew Lit

Last week I started looking at the whole "how do you create your own brew recipes?" introspection. After consulting my current brew literature I came to the conclusion that I had officially outgrown my current library of "The Joy of Home Brewing" (still a classic and a great reference) and "Homebrew for Dummies."

I posted something up on the Beer Advocate forums asking for some recommendation on reference material for the brewer looking to start making his/her own versions of classic styles. There were about 10 responses and all of them agreed on one thing; the Ray Daniels book "Designing Great Beers" was the way to go.

So I went ahead and ordered a used copy from Amazon (yes I am cheap, I am using blogger too) to see for myself. I just got started on it, but I was skimming around on it and this looks like a legit source for brew info. I will be referencing it in the future so I thought I would start with the endorsement of the book.

Happy brewing!


grove said...

That's a great book! Much recommended. You should also get Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher.

Travis said...

Yea, I am a huge fan of this. The more I read the more I like it.

I keep telling myself that I am not becoming a beer geek, but I can't help myself.