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Monday, February 12, 2007

Brew Podcasts

So since I have a little bit of lag time between brew batches and I usually spend that time reading about beer, checking brew blogs, listening to brew podcasts and oh yea, drinking beer, I figured I would start to make some posts about some of the sources of brewing information I find.

A while back I got a recommendation (Grove) to check out a great resource called Basic Brewing where you can get videos on beginning brewing and advanced all-grain brewing. They also have a podcast hosted by Basic Brewing called Basic Brewing Radio hosted by James Spencer.

I am a real podcast buff, so this is coming from an objective source, but this is a very good podcast. From the homebrewers perspective, the topics are interesting and good for anyone to follow with interest. It does not matter if the subject is slightly above or below your brewing level, because the interviews are done well and after all the subject is beer, it's fun for all.

From the prospective of a podcast listener, this is a great set up. James has a consistent format that allows the audience to know what to expect. Best yet, he responds to emails. I shot him an email out about my OG missing its target and I received a response later that day! To me, that's really cool.

Anyway, this is great stuff. If you are a iPod guy (like myself) just click on the iTunes link next to one of the episodes and subscribe.

Hope this was helpful, cheers!


Mark Daoust said...

How would someone go about contacting you? I've been trying to find an email but can't find it anywhere.

You can contact me on

Travis said...

I looked on, but could not find you. I have avoided posting my email on the site to stay away from the web crawlers, here is is:

travis dot glazier at gmail dot com

(this is a way to keep automated email searchers off your tracks, if you have and problems please post on the blog and I will respond.)


Travis said...

Oh yea, and I am cnybrewblog on BrewKB and the same username on Beer Advocate as well.