Little Bottling, little kegging

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Bottling, little kegging

While I have not been brewing much in the recent past, I have been aging a few brews. The first was my melomel that I brewed earlier this year. It's been aging for three months in secondary and ended off with a FG or 1.026. It's pretty sweet, so I topped it off with a few pints of water so that the sugar would get cut a little.
I had a few tastes and I have to say, it's pretty good. I am carbonating and hope that they carbonation gives a little bite to offset the sweetness.
The second project was the bottling of the Christmas Ale. I decided on a name and made up labels using Bottle Your Brand. They were fast and the price was decent. The thing that I liked was that they have a template for your label so you don't have to use one of the generic ones that they have. Once I get a picture of one of my bottles, I'll be sure to post it up.
Finally, I am trying out Word Press as my blogging utility. I am playing around with it now to see what I think of it, but if your interested in taking a look, please feel free to check it out at Let me know what you think.


Adam said...

Cool. I'm brewing my holiday brew right now. Not something spicey, just a good tasting session brew for a family holiday party.

Melomel sounds interesting. There's a new meadery here in the area and their Blackberry Melomel is delicious. Not too sweet, not too dry. Mmmm...

Keep up the good work :-) said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Travis! We loved your beer labels, they're hilarious and turned out great!

Travis said...

Nice! Glad you guys liked! You have a good business going and the labels came out awesome.

I'll be posting up some pictures of the bottles with the labels on them soon.


Jonathan said...

Wordpress rocks, but it can do nothing to disguise the stench that is 'your website.'

Reed said...

I noticed you had an EBC growler in the background. Just curious to see what you thought of it. I live "right up the road" from there; reppin' WNY. Check out the blog if ya like:

jackst said...

Your brewing will be a future experience. Keep the good posting! I'll drop by often.

Travis said...

Reed, my brother-in-law is a Roch guy and that's one his "hand me down" growlers that I use. I need to hit up the Roch brew scene a little more than I have. There is a lot to see out there.

Jackst - I am glad you stopped and don't worry, I'll keep on brewing, just for you!