Breaking the top 100, CNYBrew has arrived!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breaking the top 100, CNYBrew has arrived!

Just a quick note, in case you missed it, the Culinary School Guide came out with it's 100 Best Beer and Wine Blogs and CNYBrew is on there! Ahead of Monday Night Brewery I might add.

Great props for A good Beer Blog and Ted for proper recognition. I noticed that Bearded Brewer was on there as well.

It's good stuff.

I'll be back full time here in 5 days!



Jonathan said...

I don't think it's in order of awesomeness. It's obviously not in order of keeping your blog up-to-date. 2 posts this month? Really? It's hard to make fun of you without any new material.

Travis said...

Yea I know, weak blogging is weak blogging. Normally when things are in order from 1-100, it's in order of awesomeness, but God knows how your backwards rednecks do it.

On another note, I didn't see Beer Bits on there. As far as posting frequency, he's got the prize.

Adam said...

Travis I'm happy to be mentioned. Even if it is on the same page as MNB ;-)

Congrats! Maybe some of your visitors will be inspired to homebrew.

Happy Halloween!

jonathan said...

Adam, I didn't expect any grief from you, especially after crushing your little "best homebrew website" competition. I see I'll have to keep my eye on you...

But seriously, this top 100 list. It doesn't seem to be a reputable source. More a way to get incoming links. There are only a few other posts on the blog, ALL of them 'top 100' lists. BUT since it's top 100 beer/wine, it's really more like top 50 beer. Which is cooler sounding.