A real blogger party!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A real blogger party!

Sorry I'm late with this post, but like a good Brew Blogger, this weekend's brewing took precedence over blogging. Fermentation Friday has come and gone, but today I had a stop in by fellow blogger Ted from Ted's Homebrew Journal making this a real brew blogging shindig. Ted's band was out my way for a show near by and we met up at Galeville Country store. We had beer exchange and he was on his way. I have all sorts of cool brews to try out as a result and I gave Ted and the band a quick brew sampling. Fun stuff this brew blogging.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Have had a whole bunch of cool submissions for the Fermentation Friday so here we go!

Tony - Brew Dad - Sums up his attempt at a stout-rootbeer-ice cream hybrid
Matt - Sports Beer Wine Life Not in that order - I like the sounds of his "Blood Orange Hef"
Bill - The Panhandle Beer Snob - This is the first I have heard of using tree in your beer
Jon - The Brew Site - I brewed with pumpkin once too and I have to say it's not at all necessary, just use the spices.
Rob - Pfiff - mmmm brandied cherries
Bryon - Home Brew Beer - While I think Hard Root Beer is a bust, the maple syrup beer might be something
Muckney Brewing - I agree, 12 cinnamon sticks IS too much
Jim - Loot Corp 3.0 - Any brew project that can double as a marinade for chicken is crazy in my book
Keith - Brainard Brewing - Brewing with wormwood

And last but not least, the brains behind the day:

Adam :-) Beer Bits 2 - I feel your pain, trial and error is the only way to REALLY learn how not to brew

If I missed anyone, please feel free to email me and I will gladly add you to the lineup. I'm sorry this took so long to post up and I am glad so many people contributed. For anyone wondering if they were "in the spirit of the question" it's all good. I just like hearing about crazy crap brewers try.

Thanks again to Ted for stopping in and saying hi, I hope your show went well in spite of the rain.



Adam said...

Er...that's not Alan its Adam. Funny, that is the most common mistake people make with my name. Ever since gradeschool.

Thanks for the round up Ted :) I'm off to read them all now. See you next month!

Adam said...

Er...I mean Travis. Heheh...I didn't do that on purpose. Honestly.

Travis said...

It's the Alan from A Good Beer Blog that gets me all mixed up. I also screwed up and called Ted's Brew Journal "A Good Beer Blog". Good eyes!

Bryon said...

That's OK, I'm Bryon not Byron...

Oh, and Adam, some how the link to my site off of yours now points to a similarly named blog...

Homebrew Beer Blog


And that URL doesn't even seem to work...

Or maybe that's a subtle hint to me... LOL!

Travis said...

Holy hell! This is why we can't have nice things!

I think we're all fixed now. Any other observations?

Adam said...


Sorry about that. I fixed it and moved you up to the favorites list too. :-)

Thanks Travis!

Anonymous said...

Travis I noticed that you put on your fat tire shirt for when Ted came over...............cute

Jonathan said...

looks like this post was a minefield of errors, eh travis? i like the pic of you and ted. were you scared to stand closer together?

Ted Danyluk said...

Actually, his hop vine was pretty cool, and we decided to pose standing on either side of it. It's already growing so large, that it put some distance between us.

Travis, It was nice meeting you face to face. Sorry we couldn't spend more time hanging out. Touring only allows very limited time to be with friends and family. Thanks for having us over, and letting us try some good brew on tap.

Thanks for the trade. I gave out samples of most of your beer outside of Philly. Your Belgian was quite nice.

I didn't get around to writing about any crazy beer I've made. Perhaps I can still get in on that.

Cheers mate.