Bottling Followup

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bottling Followup

After all of my problems with bottling, I decided to take the advice from some of the folks who so kindly submitted advice. I also spent some time reading back up on brewing basics. Sometimes in the heat of brewing bigger and better, we forget to cover the basics. Well this week was a good review.

What went wrong? Well first off, I'm not real sure. There were several problems; over carbonation, aeration, metallic flavors and made my beer an intense experience.

What did I change? Well just about everything. I now siphon the brew from my secondary into a bottling bucket and add my priming sugar. From here, I sanitize my spoon and give it a light stir to get things mixed up properly. After this, I bottle using the bottling wand that came with my original kit. I rinse my bottles after I sanitize them and before I add brew to ensure that there are no residual films or smells from the sanitizing solution.

Once I am done bottling, I remove the wand and add a hose to the bottling bucket that runs into my keg. This is in hopes of preventing any potential oxidation that could occur in this stage of the brewing. When the bottling bucket is empty, I close the keg and cap my bottles. Done.

As far as my over carbonation, I have moved from the 3/4cup of priming sugar I used to 1/2 cup (unless Beer Smith tells me to use more or less). I also have been using Beer Smith to determine how much to add in times of having an odd amount. For example, I only had two gallons of Alt and needed to bottle condition that. So I added the amount that Beer Smith told me to and it's prefect!

I have to say, it looks as though I may have worked my way through my bottling woes...for now anyway.


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