So maybe I went a little "Chicken Little"

Saturday, December 01, 2007

So maybe I went a little "Chicken Little"

So after my trip to the the brew shop I have to say that MAYBE I jumped the gun on the "apocalypse scenario" about the hops shortage. Ed from my LHBS EJ Wren just got in an unexpected full delivery of hops from his supplier. He has hops in all styles except some of the high alpha hops.

For those hops he is missing, as Ted has suggested, he is using alternative hops as a way to supplement the AAU for a recipe. After talking to Nick about it some more, the idea of learning about some new kinds of hops should be pretty cool.

Just so my WWII style "hops shelter" that I started digging in the back yard doesn't go to waste, I am going to step up my homegrown hops effort so that we can get a nice harvest next year.

In the meantime I am just going to live with the doubling of hops prices and continue down the "lighter" side of homebrewing.

Tomorrow Nick and I are going to be brewing the cream ale. Should be fun.


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