The Next Step!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Next Step!

So I have been working on a few things with my homebrew setup. A while back I had a post about the next big thing. This project was going to be based on somehting I saw on Ben's Homebrew and emailed Ben about. Well this past weekend I got quite a ways a long on that project.

I am going to put in a detailed outline of what it is that I made, but just moments ago I won this three tap beauty on eBay. She is old and pretty beat, but for $14 I feel like I made out like a bandit! This will be the crowning peice on my homebrew setup. I am pretty geeked up right now.

Anyway, more to come on this project, I just thought that I would share this little development.



Jonathan said...

What the f is that thing? Sounds like a long, albeit fun, project.

Brian said...

That tap is bad ass....

Heading off to Ebay right after I!


Travis said...

I am not going to lie, I was REALLY freaking pumped up about this. I am going to be posting an update, but I have gotten her cracked open and it looks like all the important stuff is all there, it's just a matter of cleaning and running some new hoses.

More to come!